Pure sailing today is hard to filter out of all of the touristic, socializing and other aspects that are intertwined with what we these days call sailing. The definition of the term could off course be somewhat debatable but for us at Seascape, pure sailing resonates with the feeling sailor experiences when he or she connects with the two basic elements; the wind and the sea in a most direct and exposed way.


We believe that shorthanded long distance sailing is one of the best ways to experience that and we are happy to observe the worldwide growing trend of this kind of events. Recreational and professional sailors alike are joining events like Silverrudder and others in ever-increasing numbers.


The idea behind the Seascape brand relates exactly to that: challenging yourself to expand your horizon. After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Deeply rooted in our DNA is the offshore shorthanded sailing. To get an insight into the creation of the Seascape values you can watch the following low-res VHS video from 2002:



Pierre Yves Moreau – host in Lorient who helped rent our first Mini with lucky number 33 – Aquitane, gave Andraž and Kristian a prophetic advice prior to the first Fastnet in 2002:

“Guys this race will define your future: either you will hate it and you will save a lot of time and money and have a chance of a comfortable life. Or you might like it and then you are f***”


The Seascape Challenge

Seascape Challenge was inspired by the experience of participating in a Danish blockbuster Sliverrudder, and calls out to all of you that would like to challenge yourselves to the frontier of your comfort zone… and beyond.


Starting from race FreeSpirit HQ in Jezera on Croatian Island Murter, the race courses are set in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. Even though the region is navigationally demanding it offers almost infinite route options, in well-protected waters.


After a successful prototype event with 10 Seascapes participating in 2015, the event has grown to the limit of the harbour which is 30 Seascapes. We will still offer different route options. Not unlike in marathon and numerous adventure tracking races, the competitors will have the freedom of choice to set their own bar they want to challenge.



The days before the race are reserved for training and lectures organized and run by Seascape team. We will make sure that the teams are properly briefed and prepared for safe and successful racing. Safety will be the highest priority of this race since we understand that you will be pushing your comfort zone. 24-hour race HQ, trackers, mandatory safety gear and preface training will take care that you stay in the safety zone.


Quick facts:

  • Long distance race
  • Double-handed only
  • Participants will be able to choose between different courses: TBA
  • Start and finish line is in front of Jezera, Island of Murter, Croatia
  • Official routes will be planned according to the weather conditions and announced on the official skippers briefing according to the program.
  • All Seascapes are invited (18, 24, 27)
  • There is 45 boat limit for the race regardless of the class. REGISTRATIONS OPEN ON 5th of January 2019