SUI 10

Wüthrich, Sebastian CCS

Team Spica joins the Rund Um for the first time. Usual home waters of this boat are Lake Zurich. Nice to see a new addition to the fleet.


The photo is still in development.



GER 7321

Blattner, Hermann BYCÜ
updateFF has been with us on this race from the beginning. And it has been the most successful team as well – winning both previous editions. The team consists of two couples that have been friends for a long time. Not all of them are hardcore sailors (except the skipper/owner Herman) yet they are beating some more professional teams constantly. They hit the sweet spot of proper competitive sailing and fun.




La Wally CR
AUT 007

Zimmermann, Horst YCH
Also, a boat that did not miss any of the Rund Ums and this is not an exception this year. Heavily modified 27, fine-tuned for the lake conditions with Horst on the helm. He likes to keep to himself and spare his tricks for the race, he is rarely seen on the training sessions.




GER 6964

Huber, Reto YCL

Our dear friend and the main reason why are we here Reto is the heart of this event. He has been sailing for all of his life and missed just one of around the lake races since he turned 14 (the age limit for the competitors). He got the inspiration from his father who is still sailing with him today as well as his wife and a “hired gun” the Seascape Spirit award winner Philipp Lenzlinger.



Alter Schwede
SWE 38

Kliewer, Georg SGÜ

Alter Schwede bares his name in tribute to the first home of the boat which has originally sailed in Sweeden. With the new owners Georg and Katja Kliewer it now enjoys the central European waters. For the second time in a row, the team will be welcoming onboard a recent The Challenge winner Marjan Gorec.




Ora Blu 2
GER 32

Dr. Görgner, Bernd YCA

A veteran and winner of multiple Seascape Signature events and one of the most active German sailors Bernd and his boat Ora Blu 2 will now add a mark in the Rund Um checkbox as well. Beside the co-skipper, we are putting our OBR Ana onboard to follow the race from the inside.



GER 11

Ziegler, Peter TSGZ

Seascape Escape owned by Peter Ziegler will be sailing the Rund Um for the third year in a row – never missing out. This is a highly technical team leaving nothing to coincidence, I believe it is time their effort is rewarded with a bit of luck and a good result.