We came to sail

… and so we did. The suspense from yesterday got diluted today even though we were waiting for the decision from the race committee until late afternoon. It was probably the sailing part that has gotten us distracted. Because there will be no sailing tomorrow due to the storm winds we organised our own little race. Jure came up with the idea to make a downwind run to the Nyborg. Four double-handed teams on the Seascape18s and one Seascape24 with three sailors aboard enjoyed 30 miles of fun.


Meanwhile, all of the remaining sailors gathered in the industrial hall where the skippers meeting was held. They didn’t beat around the bush and came straight to the point. The start is postponed to Saturday morning. They didn’t reveal the direction on which the isle Funen (Fyn). But out of the other information they gave us a common sense it seems we will be going clockwise. If we go anywhere at all. The prediction still shows a lot of wind for Saturday and 18 almost definitely won’t be starting. There will be another meeting tomorrow, we will know more then.


We picked up our five boats, and we are driving back to Svendborg. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment and relief in the air. We had one mission. And we accomplished it; short it might be. I guess that separates Seascapers from other sailors. There were 12 boats out sailing as far I could see. 10 of those were Seascapes (there were some that didn’t go all the way to Nyborg), and 11th was a Dragonfly trimaran helmed by ex-Seascaper Karlheinz and crewed by his daughter and Joachim one of the 27 sailors. So what I wrote yesterday that we don’t dwell is very much true. We don’t dwell, we sail!