Vegvisir and Seascapers

Seascapers love long-distance challenges. It is in the DNA of our boats which come from the mini transat world of sailing. But in general sailing shorthanded over vast distances has been on the uprise lately. More and more people are looking for ways to get out of their comfort zones and to experience the raw pleasure upon the safe return. The proof lies in the larger and larger number of entries to regattas like Vegvisir. It took only the premier event to get the number of boats in three digits. Because the organiser Morten Brandt has a good track record and from reports from our community we decided to list the race as one of our Seascape Signature events. Below are the current entries. We hope for some more and encourage the women Seascapers to join. Organisers have lowered the price for women participants by 50% as well for the mix-crews which get 50% off for women an 25% off for men.



Double handed races // start Aug. 23 @6 PM

Number Skipper Crew Boat VR-Class 2Star 170 2Star 210 Harbor
5 Kristian Evers TBD Seascape 27 Small Yes Heilligenhafen
9 Karl W Weldingh Marc Husted Seascape 24 Mini Yes Larvik N
13 Per Cederberg TBD Seascape 24 Mini Yes Aabenraa
27 Martin H Olesen Rune Aagaard Seascape 18 Mini Yes Kaløvig Bådelaug


Singlehanded race / starts Aug. 24 @6 PM

Number Skipper Boat VR-Class Home
2 Joachim Hasler Seascape 27 Small Hamburg
10 Jan M Peters Seascape 27 Small Glückstadt
39 Hajo Hensel Seascape 18 Mini Rostock
41 Sven Møller Seascape 27 Small Lynetten
42 Randolph Mauer Seascape 18 Mini Mainz