Until next year


We came for the challenge and adventure or that what we thought. When the weather gods took away the primary goal that made us come here, we were a bit lost. However, Seascapers don’t know how to be lost or how to despair. Ideas to make the most out of the situation sprang like mushrooms after the rain – as we say in our county. We took the disappointment and frustration and converted it into fun and friendship. Before Knut, as Danish meteorological institute named this intensive cyclone, came roaring the doubled up teams went sailing either just around the nearby island or racing up to Nyborg and back with the trailers. On Friday two full-crewed Seascape27s did the same with a goal to break the speed record. We followed them with a large rib, but I have rarely wished to be on a sailboat more than at that moment. Not just that they had so much more fun but also the way back in those conditions was brutal. Lucky bastards.


On the day of the start, 4 Seascapers decided to give the Silverrudder a try. Some turned around right away others some hours later. Except one, one that we couldn’t even follow online due to the faulty tracker. Thomas Guske the man who finishes what he started endured crazy conditions, kept his cool and made it all the way to the end. Ultra hard bastard.


We came for the challenge and adventure but what we got was what we always had. The spirit that keeps us going forward on challenges like this is a spirit born on ashore. A spirit that lives in every one of us and calls us together. Spirit that does not depend on what officials say. We are the spirit bastards!