Training day is behind us, except we had little or no training. Practically no wind and afternoon rain persuaded us to stay in the harbour to clean the boats and work on the gear. Many teams seem to be missing crucial parts, like crewmembers who are still at work or held up elsewhere. They should all here by the evening. Peter [Escape] who has again offered us a place to moore at his home club closer to the starting area, has unfortunately informed us that he will not be racing due to work obligations. It was great that he was at least able to join us for the evening.



Anyhow today it is time for the transfer, registration in Lindau, lunch and a quick nap at Lindau Zech. At 19:30 the things will get real when a starting signal [a fog horn from a steamboat] will sound the beginning of the race around the lake. You will be able to follow via live tracking, twitter feed and short updates right here on our webpage.


Photos by: Ana Šutej