The pain and the beauty


Friday, the day of the start turned out an (almost) exact copy from last year. All teams have transferred the boats to a marina Lindau Zech, which is much closer to the starting line and now a well-known place for the last preparations. Thanks to Peter for hosting us! Along the way, everyone also visited the “race village” in Lindau which was significantly less crowded than one year ago. This is due to approximately 100 boats not showing up. Anyway, the fleet is still 250 boats strong and on the start, it didn’t look any less crowded. There was one difference though. The wind completely died after 7 PM and this must be one of the slowest starts to date. More than half of the boats was still behind the line half an hour after the starting signal. Feelings of frustration and anxiety came out and crews described this as moments of sheer pain. The golden light of the setting sun contrasted by the darkness of the forming thunderstorm gave this mental battle a poetic dimension. We just hope we did it justice and captured it in all its glory.


The setting sun and approaching thunderstorm eventually brought some wind and everyone took off into the night. Teams report slow progress through the night but picking up the pace in the morning. The famed no-go route closer to the Swiss side on the way back is this year looking like the best option. We’ll see how this plays out.