The Night Watch

The night is dark and full of terrors. Okay, maybe not terrors but challenges for sure. The first big event of the night was turning the waypoint in front of Jezera. The decision point for the teams – long or short route. In the end, all the 27s took the long course as did the brave five 18 crews, while on the other hand, all the 24s took the short one. Even though teams reported gusts up to 20 knots in the last part of the short route – which combined with fatigue and darkness really pushed to comfort zone for some – the night passed without major incidents.
That said the accompany Fast Interceptor rib was called to assist team Jade yachting which dismasted after turning the island Dugi. Mast tube, sails and equipment were recovered, boat and crew were unharmed, Jade is now back to Jezera awaiting repair.
The long route competitors divided into two groups – the 18s lead by Lenčina got stuck in light winds just before turning lighthouse of Mulo. They finally restarted in the morning when the easterly started to fill in. We expect them in the port by midday to early afternoon.
The 27s is still lead by Petite Amis who kept the lead through all the minefields of the night. The changes came in the rest of the scoreboard where teams changed places a lot. Hungarian team Fram showed their light wind skills and jumped to second place which currently looks quite safe from the onslaught of Ashika, Hammerscape and others. The morning brought back the summer temperatures with no sign winter coming.