The night gathers

More than twelve hours in the race we are riding into the night.  Weak moonlight allows us just enough to see the outlines of the surrounding islands. Most of the boats in the race are again brought to a halt, just like on the start. Yeah, the start was painfully slow. But the wind picked up and throughout the whole day we were enjoying a light breeze and sunshine. We saw plenty of turnarounds on the leaderboards, some groundings from eager sailors cutting corners (nothing serious), dolphins playing and people having a good time. The night gathers, and now our watch begins. Tired and worn by the competition the nerve-racking game of focus and patience is on the menu. 24s and 27 are stuck around Komorica with the 18s a bit further behind but standing still as well. All we can do now is wait, wait and see who will come out on the other side.


Photos by: Ana Šutej