The morning after

They are back on the tracker! It is confusing to understand the routes in the first place; now the tracking has split for the clockwise and the counterclockwise fleets. Some boats are still missing, and the ranking doesn’t seem to work. But all in all, we are glad to see all three Seascapes (even the 18) so close together. Martin and Rune on Pipaluk are giving the 24s a run for their money. We should hear from them soon.

Meanwhile, Per gave us a call and gave a quick recap of what was going on during the night. They lost the first place to Jochen and andraž due to the lack of speed, and you can find out what was the reason in the audio below:



Unaware that they had overtaken the Danish team Jochen and Andraž just kept sailing and were glad to see that the heavy winds they were expecting are running late (as Jure predicted). They report some gusts up to 20 knots coming from the storm cells that hit them early in the morning. They got some rain too, but their spirits were lifted when they checked the tracker and found out about their lead. Currently, they are approaching the town of Marstal, where our interceptor boat is waiting to ambush them. Expect the photos soon.