The finish line [UPDATED]

We are waiting just for one more Seascape. All on the double-handed route have finished the Vegvisirrace, and so did both 27s on the singlehanded course. First came Per Cederberg and Øyvind Bordal, second Jochen Rieker and Andraž Mihelin. Both teams on Seascape24  and 170 NM long doublehanded route. Much to our surprise, the team on Seascape18 Martin Hammershøj Olesen and Rune Aagaard came shortly after the 24s. This is even more impressive when you hear them talk about all the storms they have sailed through. They used the code 0 most of the time and said that they surfed for 2 hours straight with a jib and reefed main. At one point they found themselves surfing up a breaking wave and pretty much falling over it on the other side.  Even Per who is usually the crazy brave guy had to admit this kind of sailing took balls. With news of sailors being airlifted after losing their keel (dis-keeling?) and other swimming over a mile to the shore after falling off the boat, all this talk almost feels wrong. They should be glad that the only casualties on their boats were a lost compass, wet matches and consequently empty stomachs.


On the other hand, the solo sailors look like they just went out for a nice midnight cruise at the full moon. They started in the sun, sailed into the golden sunset, went around a few islands and returned with the morning sun. They never experienced winds above 20 knots and looked well rested. [UPDATE: That just how we saw it. Upon talking to the sailors they reported hard conditions in the night as well. Above 20 knots and rough sea state. Some of them are thinking of a new hobby. Until tomorrow that is.] Sven and Jan took a different approach to the course and Jan drew the short straw. His early lead vanished over time, and he lost the first place for some 10-15 minutes. We are waiting for Hajo on his Seascape18 to return, and then a well-deserved sleep ensues.