The Circolo Vela Torbole

Another thing I wanted to share with you is the hospitality that has welcomed us here. At the club Circolo Vela Torbole they are making us feel like at home and helping us with every wish you can imagine. I had a pleasure to drive around with the ex-president (I made a mistake in the video and forgot to add the ex- part) who is a father of the club. Our journey began with our wish to have a grill party in the evening. They figured that we would need a grill for that. So Sylvain and Gianfranco, the men of action jumped in and took me to Gianfranco’s home to take a look at two grills he has to offer. He makes grills as his hobby when he is not busy organising things at the club or the other surf club he just started. He showed me around his house/hotel. He showed me all the sailing events he helped bring to life here in Torbole. He showed me pictures from all the Olympic 49er qualification events he was the head of. He poured us a glass of sparkling wine and took us down to the basement where he has a gym with all kind of training equipment, and of course the hiking simulator was not missing. Later we loaded the huge grill on his Piaggio three-wheeler, and the front wheel was barely touching the road when Sylvian (the technical organiser and harbour master of Seascape Cup) drove it back to the club. I sat back in the car with Gianfranco, and we raced all the way to the town Arco where was the last open shop to buy the coal for the grill. Driving like a rally competitor he had time for some history lessons on how Austro-Hungarian monarchy brass used to come to Arco for the holidays. The video below is a short talk we had on the road. It is a pleasure to be a guest here.


A special thanks for organising the whole event and keeping the things running goes to Sylvain and his team, but nothing would be so wonderful without the always smiling and problem-solving Renata. She has held the whole thing running like she does this every weekend (oh, right she does). Thank you, everyone, in CVT for everything.