The Challenge is imminent

We are just days away from the biggest Challenge of all times. Some teams are already in Jezera (check out our twitter feed for more) but for most of them, the trip begins in two or three days.


Tomorrow you can expect the first weather outlook by our [now legendary] meteorologist Jure. With his report, we will get a glimpse of the Challenge in front of us. Maybe it will be a slow and sunny one or fast and rough, in any case, a real Challenge.


When arriving at Jezera, the map below will help you find all the facilities you will need. Click the top left icon with an arrow for the explanation and shortcuts. Please report to FreeSpirit upon your arrival, and they will point you in the right direction. Especially consult with FreeSpirit staff if you plan to come before Tuesday afternoon – note that the berths and slip are in private ownership and reserved only from Tuesday noon.


Regarding the craning for 27s, you should do it in marina Tribunj. We will get in contact with each of you tomorrow to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The Entry list has been updated to the latest version. If you see any mistakes or you have some new information please inform Vid over WhatsApp or email.