Talk About The Weather

Dear all,


there seems to be enough consensus between different meteorological models, ensamble models, …, about the weather for this year’s Silver Rudder that we can take a risk and issue the first weather forecast for the event.


Well, what is for sure that it won’t be warm and it won’t be calm! There is an intensive cold front passing the region on Friday morning/noon with a temperature dropping substantially. There will be a deep low crossing North sea on Friday which will create an association with High pressure further to the South relatively strong gradient just over the Denmark and South of Scandinavia. This will result in strong South-Westerlies (before the front) and strong Westerlies after the front passage.


There will be an upper air trough with a very cold air passing the region on Saturday. There will be slightly less gradient wind but more gusts due to the unstable atmosphere.


So, all in all, bring your warmest clothes with you. We hope that the weather forecast might still change, so stay tuned. See you all in Svendborg!