Simons Photo trip

As a part of the media crew, my job is simple. Follow sailors, be their shadow and get the best possible coverage that you can get. Due to us not having our own rib for this event, the president of Langenargen kindly invited us to go with him, so we could get a better chance to catch the moments before the night.


In the last minute, Vid decided to stay on the shore and do his drone shots from there, due to the stronger wind and therefore safety, while I waited on the pier and did not know what to expect. I was left alone, due to Ana already being an OBR. I need to do my best and be prepared for everything.


Time flew by and there was no rib in sight. I was afraid for a moment that I will be left on the shore and I will not get the shots that I need. At the same time, I was not ready for who was on his way to pick me up.


The rib just in time and on it was Tobias Stoerkle. He is considered to be one of the best in sailing photography in the whole world.  Let that sink in.  One of the best. In the world. One man army, which I will try to achieve in the future as well. He has a keen eye for capturing sailors in the natural habitat. No pressure or anything Simon, no pressure at all.


I was really surprised how down to earth this guy was. With no question at all, he, the best of the best, helped me, the boy who is just starting to experience the professional taste of sailing photography. There was no question or task unanswered. He gladly searched with me the fellow Seascapers in the mass of other boats and got me to them while still doing his job. He took care of me as his brother in arms.


Looking, searching. Eyes running up and down, left and right. We left our cameras do the talking for a while and it felt good. It felt natural. It felt real. Both of us in the element, doing what we love. The atmosphere was perfect. Working conditions with the sunset in front of us unbelievable.


His level of doing things was way beyond me. Just to be able to see and watch him at work, while catching some moments of the sun dropping its final sparks and Sescapers doing their run, was one experience to remember. The plan was to shoot and cover just the start of the race. We came back to our port in Langenargen deep at night. Time flew really fast and even Vid was surprised that he for once needed to wait for me. He didn’t need to ask how it went. Smile on my face and glow in my eyes told him everything the moment he saw me.


Now, while I’m on the shore, typing these things down, I’m a little bit shocked how good it was. I feel honoured, that I was able to stand beside him and that he took his energy and put it into me, so I could do my work as well.