Round and Around

The De-Ja-Vu feeling that I had throughout this extended weekend was something else. So many things developed in the same way you would think that someone has brought proverbial German attention to detail and regularity to events you usually deem random. The weather for instance. Some storms but otherwise sunshine that makes your skin red in no time if not protected. No wind on the start (ok there was a bit more last year), thunderstorm looming on the Swiss side of the lake and again a breathtaking sunset with every shade of yellow, gold and orange.


When the storm disintegrated over the lake, the downdraft quickly accelerated the sailboats to the speeds uncomfortable for our little rib. After the boost of the storm, the winds got lighter an lighter. La Wally led the Seascape fleet almost all the way to the Überlingen but found a “perfect” parking spot just before the last waypoint. UpdateFF and Alter Schwede took the opportunity and took the lead fighting for the first place until the former Swede suffered the same fate as La Wally. UpdateFF prooved that even if you are dead last on the start, you can still win (now for the second time in a row) by playing your cards right. JuLia now established a true rivalry with the UpdateFF. They fast to follow but failed to close the gap before the finish and came second for the second time. They are already scheming to bring in their kids when they are allowed to sail the regatta. The plan is that they are lighter and more obedient than the “pros” they took aboard on this and previous edition (Andraž Mihelin last year and Philipp Lenzlinger this year). La Wally came third and Alter Schwede fourth.


We don’t have any information after the start about Escape since there is no tracker data. Even though they report, they had a good time and are planning to come back next year for a better result.  The only Seascape24 FINE sailed a decent regatta and set a record in sailing hours and miles since their broken motor didn’t make things easier after the finish. They sailed doublehanded back to Langenaragen for the grill&gin party, but that was not all, afterwards, they went on the third leg and cruised all the way to Friedrichshafen. So hats of for the passion and dedication to sailing.


After the finish, we spent a lovely afternoon sitting on a grassy knoll above the entrance of the marina where we were guests of the Yacht Club Langenargen. We are grateful for their support and that they offer us the perfect setting – a must for a signature event. The afternoon was pleasantly spiced by an award-winning Swiss gin nginiousthat just may become present on all our signature events. No point in telling you that we had to set the grill for the third time in four days to keep the gin from going straight to our heads. Now already thinking ahead for the next year I don’t see what we could change (apart from a few more Seascapes). Thank you all for joining and the support, especially to Reto and Heike who made sure everything ran smoothly.