Registrations Update

We got permission to expand our fleet! The local administration found a way to free more mooring places in Jezera. Big shout out to the mayor and Free Spirit team for this opportunity. The new and final quota is now 50 boats (not counting the 14s – read on). We gave the first access to the teams on the waiting list. Now that their time has run out the last three slots are up for grabs and first come first served applies.


The decision to take on Seascape/First 14 teams also came through. The class will be officially accepted if at least 3 teams register. They will compete on an extra short course since their comfort zone is a bit smaller. There is no limit on how many can join since the boats don’t need moorings. Everything else applies the same as for the rest of the fleet.


Register here.



We have also updated the entry list. Larger info pack – NOR, mandatory equipment list and the rules of engagement are in final drafts and will be published soon.