Registrations closed



Registrations for the SeascapeChallenge 2018 are now closed. If you didn’t get in, make sure you are ready next year. You can check some other Signature events for this season.


We (mostly Marina from Free Spirit) worked hard to get the approval from the authorities for a larger fleet. What we got is moorings for 42 boats! Big thanks to the Municipality of Tisno for the cooperation and all the help. There is also a word on the streets that one of the restaurants in Jezera is undergoing renovation work that will accommodate us all. Great success! 😀

With the support from Porta sailing school, we are now offering an optional training camp that will get you sailing on a higher level than before. The whole concept is based on individual approach – focus on the largest “pain point” of every team. Trough a general brief and joint boat set up with a coach on Tuesday you will pinpoint the area you should work on the most (boat trim, boat handling, seamanship, navigation, tactics, long distance mentality…). Wednesday will be a day for training on the water with a coach on the rib and time to time on your boat. After sailing follows a debrief with a video analysis. With this new knowledge, you will have a better idea what to do during the warm-up with the rest of the fleet on Thursday and of course the race.

We should emphasise this is not a sailing course, but rather a guided self-improvement training.

Preliminary program:
Tuesday, 17th of April @ 12:00 – general brief, boat assembly and trim, pain point identification
Wednesday, 18th of April @ 08:00 – short brief and training on water, debrief after sailing with video analysis, end before the start of the official program.

Marjan Gorec – sailing coach with decades of experience – cruising and racing, winner of the SeascapeChallenge 2017 with the SSC18 and 2016 with SSC27
He will be supported by the Seascape team – Andraž Mihelin, Tit Plevnik and Vid Slapničar each with his own field of expertise.

Heavily subsidized* cost of the training camp: 50€ per team
To register please send an email to

*subsidized by Porta and Seascape, normal cost starts at 150€

So the big organisational questions are answered, but we have a lot of details to polish until April.  Until next update here are some stats behind the Seascape fleet that will be challenging the comfort zone this year.

42 registered teams
29x SSC18

4x SSC24

9x SSC 27

12 countries represented
Austria 5

Croatia 3

Denmark 2

Germany 11

Hungary 1

Italy 1

Japan 1

Norway 1

Slovenia 14

Serbia 1

Switzerland 1

Sweden 1