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Sold out Silverrudder 2017 with more than 400 participants turned out to be an extraordinary challenge. Hardly any wind made it a true marathon. Less than 50% finished in total, but Seascapers prooved to be a tougher breed. We were particularly proud of sailors on the smallest boats on the regatta – Seascape18. Out of 14 that started 12 made it around Funen island in the time limit and two missed it. We have a victory in the smallest class Mini and second place in the Small.


On the way back home, you have time to contemplate all the feelings and find resolutions for your troubled mind. I believe this experience left a mark on all of us. It shows that you don’t need wild winds and heavy seas to test your limits. But I think I found my piece of mind yesterday when I was watching all the Seascapers, battered and bruised, help each other pack the boats. No matter who finished and when, who was first and who was not, everyone pitched in and made short work of it. Great thank you goes to Jan Markus Peters who brought his crane to launch and recover his boat and in the end did that for everyone. There is no greater sight to see people help each other without any prejudice and show true greatness through solidarity and kindness. We should never lose this spirit! Thank you all for making the Seascape community what it is.


Jochen (GER):

“Even though some Seascape competitors first words after the race are to never, never again do such a crazy race in our small boats, one of the reasons to return every year to Svendborg at the autumn equinox (at least for me) are to experience the superbtogetherness of the Seascape community, to meet old friend and to make new ones, all united in our little Seascape corner of the Harbour.


Cliff (GER):

“Good morning dear Silverrudder participants, after an early departure I would like to say goodbye to you all. They were great days and nights 😉 with you. Thanks again to our crane man. so then, all a good journey home-we see each other! Greetings from FILU GER 243”


Samuel (FRA):

“…after a good night sleep…
I would like to thank you all. I was very pleased with the general atmosphere amongst the Seascape sailors. All are relaxed and super helpful. Special thanks for Crane-master-Jan, Kjiell who helped me rigging the boat, Philip who lend me some equipment and obviously to Joachim on which boat I sailed… Not to forget the very impressive powerboat of Anders & Lasse that followed us during the race! Hat’s off for the Seascape team. All the best!”


Sven (DEN):

“Also, a big thanks from here in organizing a great event – making the Silverrudder experience even better for the Seascape sailors than for the less fortunate sailors. For my part, it was nice sailing – even though I could not keep up with Sam in the light winds. But I will mostly remember the race for an experience in sleep deprivation. In the end, I was so heavily hallucinating, that I had to anchor and sleep 4 hours 1 mile before the finishing line. That’s a first for me! But already looking forward to next year. Best, Sven”