OBR reports: In the night

Ana from Escapade:

[22:38, 09/11/2018] Ana Šutej: Dejan, the match racer was very precise in the start. He was very stubborn to keep as far left as possible. Philipp as a true boat owner was, of course, worried for the depth. Rest of us listen to them both. The proud moment lasted only a short while, as we are now struggling with little or no wind. Dejan is upset.


[04:27, 10/11/2018] Ana Šutej: The night on Escapade is going very slowly and still quite intensely. My biggest problem currently is Lukas sleeping on top all of the food, because no wind is making me hungry. Dejan is on the helm, as he jokes “because that’s best for making progress”, in every joke..(there’s some truth). We had a great start, then we stopped for a while, then leading for a while and then BAM! Fram far in front of us, and Ora Blu keeping our back. Jure is trying to say very tactically that he “told us so”, that it’s best to keep far left, while he checks tracker speeds. And also, Dejan is still upset.



Tit from Ora Blue II:

[04:54, 10/11/2018] Tit Plevnik: Jabuka never disappoints. After a very good start and then painful rounding of Komorica, we have now been fighting with Escapade for more than an hour. We are fighting for the lead of Seascape First 27 group. There is no wind, just some random puffs from under the clouds. Really crazy, like we are having a restart of the race in the middle of the Adriatic

But even if there is no wind, the sky is gorgeous with all the stars, and we are having a great time.