OBR Reports from Jabuka: Inside one team

The team members

Let me tell you a bit about the team Escapade, which is about to embark on some jugo sailing in regatta Jabuka.



Wherefrom: Zurich, Switzerland
Profession: Surgeon
Sailing experience: 40+ years


Philipp, the bloody boat owner, is a surgeon from Zurich, but this is hardly noticeable. Or maybe I just met a different kind of surgeons. He has kind eyes, always very focused on what you’re saying. Add a good sense of humour and honesty; you got yourself quite a nice guy. I have no idea how he acts on the boat, might be the kindness falls overboard.


Wherefrom: Bassel, Switzerland
Profession: Architect
Sailing experience:  approx. 15


Lukas, I’ve met quite a few times on Seascape events but never found out much about him. It’s not that he is shy, it’s maybe just that he doesn’t talk about himself very often. We went out to train yesterday, and he was quite serious on the boat, with an unexpected wide smile every once in a while. Within all the guys I find him most serious, even if Dejan is on board.





Wherefrom: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Profession: Meteorologist
Sailing experience: 40+ years



Jure, the meteorologist, I know the best as I have spent more time with him than with anyone else on the team. Jure is very patient; it is tough to make him mad. But not impossible. He has a bright attitude and is generally leaning much more to the positive way of thinking, even when that’s not entirely noticeable. We are counting on some inside info weather-wise that will bring us the win.




Wherefrom: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Profession: Quality check in a company
Sailing experience: 20+ years



Dejan is a very competitive sailor. He is someone you should have heard of if you heard anything about Seascape18 class. Blue Sardina, boat which he skippers, is one of the fastest if not the fastest boat in the class. He sails match races as well, he is ono of the best match racers in the world actually. So sailing-wise we expect a lot from him. No pressure.





Wherefrom: Lake Zurich (born in Ljubljana)
Profession: full-time sailor
Sailing experience: 5 years



Escapade is a fine girl from Lake Zurich. Just like any Swiss, she has a firm character and a smiling mind. I’ve only been with her a little while, but she feels quite calm. Wonder what the offshore sailing will make her do. No sleeping for her tonight.




Ana Šutej