OBR report: Still fighting [UPDATED]

[07:43, 10/11/2018] Ana Šutej:

The sun is coming up, Ora Blu is playing catch with us, and they are right on our side. Dejan warmed up by the sun decided not to kid anymore and is now severely trimming code zero while coordinating Philipp on the helm. This drama does not touch Lukas as he is sleeping in the sunshine in the bow.


[08:42, 10/11/2018] Ana Šutej:
Ora Blu is left behind. Jokes are made, I hope they don’t come and bite us back. We have Jabuka in sight, and Dejan is determined not to let code zero sheet go. None the less everyone is enjoying a cup of tea with the best view ever. Our sunglasses are put on, so the rock mode (pun intended) is on.


[09:30, 10/11/2018] Ana Šutej:

We are getting really close to Jabuka. Dejan just stood in front of the boat and announcend that the offshore mode is off and inshore mode is on. I think he is excited deep down. Him and Jure are trying to agree on best VMG, but they are not there yet. Philipp is zen out at the helm, looking like life makes sense. There aren’t a lot of boats in front of us and none of them has gone around The Rock yet.