OBR report: Sailing back

[16:42, 11/10/2018] Ana Šutej: The sun is setting on our little boat, and we are slowly moving toward the finish and everything there. I’ve slept for another hour, and it’s unimaginable how nice sleep this is. The air and the colours and everything is beautiful; if only there was slightly more wind, now there is only 7 knots of wind. Dejan is in a good mood, so trimming is going nicely. There is, of course, calculations of when will we arrive, and some grunge every here and there as Tit with Ora Blu are in front of us. Let’s see what the night brings.


They are 19 miles from Blitvenica. On the tracker, just the first two overall now visible and they are going slow (3-4 knots). Also visible is Porta Canopus returning to port after successfully dealing with a medical issue onboard.