How to get to the Party

This Friday is a special day for Ljubljana. The Christmas lights come on, and the month-long festivities begin. It is an even bigger day for Seascape and equally or more festive Party. So keep in mind that the city will be crowded and that traffic will come down to a crawl. We recommend that you depart from home or your hotel a bit sooner than planned.


1. BY CAR/TAXI – If you are coming by car or taxi your destination is parking lot Tivoli I. From there on there is a short walk to the party venue Švicarija. We are working with authorities to set up the IALA system marks red lights on the port/left and green lights on the starboard/right side of the path.


2. ON FOOT – If you decide to walk from the city centre the route is straightforward (literally).





Either route you choose you will arrive under the stairway to Švicarija. It will be lit up with candles to show you the final approach. From there on you are on your own!