Flying under the radar

One and the only Seascaper that has been stubborn enough to push through and continue on route to finishing the Silverrudder. His tracker was not working from the start and all we knew were reports from other sailors that were nearby. When even Sven and Dirk turned around after a few hours beating upwind we expected Thomas to return to Svendborg soon after. But he never did. We tried to reach him, but as he explained later there was no time that he could pick up the phone and chat. He was flying under the radar the whole time and we were desperate to hear some news about him. The first info came just as he entered the channel leading up to the finish line. He made it around in one piece only breaking the vang. His instruments show wind speeds just under 40 knots in the Little belt and boat speed over 16 knots. When asked how he feels he said he is ok just his knees feel a bit weak. What a feat! He is now officially the only Ultra Hard Bastard. Congratulations Thomas!