Finish line [Gallery]

The morning sun was shining on still water when over ten 18s came together to the inner islands in front of Jezera. The front pack of three boats Generali, Layline and Porta, was being caught up as there was almost no wind to the finish line. Gennakers came strolling down the finish line around 9 o’clock, and continue to roll in a colourful fashion. The tight finish of 18s ended up a lot of plot twists, as Porta with Marjan Gorec and Tamara Furlan finished first after the last try to get back into the game. They took a longer, but faster route around a small island just before the finish. The battle for the second place was a photo finish, with Layline and Little devil crossing the line in the seemingly same time. The long route race ended with the first 24 – Sunkini and first 27 – right now, racing together till the end. And as the sun went behind the clouds, last of the boats returned to reunite our little tribe in the marina. After that sunshine finish, there was beer and goulash, and after that some more beer and some more goulash.