Final Results

We have come to an end of the fastest edition of Rund Um for us. Everyone finished before noon and reported steady winds for the most part, except for the area around the mark in front of Überlingen and the last few miles to the finish. Both areas are well known to make sailors hair curl. It was again the team on Update FF who prevailed. They pulled off a hat trick and are true experts of the Überlingen mark. Every year they took the lead around there and made an advantage no one could close before the finish. Second, came La Wally who was lost on the tracker for most of the time and was making us nervous since there were two other and faster boats with the same name sailing around. Third, came Alter Schwede a team whose ranking trajectory points steadily upwards. This year on the podium for the first time. The fourth was Ora Blue II, fifth JuLia and sixth Spica.



Seascape 27
Nr. Einlauf Segelnummer Schiffname Skipper Club ges.Zeit
1 10:11:57 GER 7321 updateFF Hermann Blattner BYCÜ 14:41:57
2 10:27:42 AUT 007 La Wally CR Horst Zimmermann YCH 14:57:42
3 10:39:35 SWE 38 Alter Schwede Georg Kliewer SGÜ 15:09:35
4 10:56:33 GER 32 Ora Blu 2 Bernd Dr. Görgner YCA 15:26:33
5 10:58:56 GER 6964 JuLia Reto Huber YCL 15:28:56
6 11:12:36 SUI 10 Spica Sebastian Wüthrich CCS 15:42:36
GER 11 Escape Peter  Ziegler TSGZ dnc