Everyone sailing

On the double-handed Vegvisir race, there are no changes for our competitors. Per and Øyvind just entered the channel and are on the final approach to the finish. Following close behind are Andraž and Jochen. The 18 that wants to be 24 with Martin and Rune aboard hold the third place. The only thing is that we can now for sure say that the tactical call to go around the course clockwise didn’t play out as the winning strategy. Boats going counter clockwise have finished the race roughly hour and a half before the others will.


Meanwhile, we saw the start of the singlehanded route (actually three starts). Up to the Guldborg bridge, the two 27 (Jan and Sven) led the way and continued to do so up to the decision point. There they have split up – Jan going CCW and Sven CW. Hajo the only solo 18 is also betting on the CCW direction. We enjoyed a perfect evening going up the channel which was much to our surprise since we expected lots of rain and cold wind. It turned out anything but.