After one of the most beautiful sunrises lately most of the sailors were hanging around in the harbour. It was a confusing scene. Some were getting ready and rigging the boats others were craning them out and packing. The wind has been increasing its speed through the whole day. Most of the 18s are already packed and decided on abandoning the race. Jure and Andraž confirmed their decision on our internal meeting at noon. The weather models agree that sailing will pretty much be impossible tomorrow even for 24s and 27. In any case, we put a backup plan in motion and assembled sailors in teams to sail out fully-crewed on 5 Seascape27s. If the weather permits them, they will sail north on the lee shore (east side) of the island as far as they deem it safe. One or two boats/sailors still think to start the official race if there will be any. If the organisers decide to cancel the whole thing, it is all over. We will know more on the second skippers meeting today at 17:00.


We used the remaining time in good company, and a shelter of our beloved restaurant as the cold front is passing. We asked Phil Sharp to share some of his experiences with us in a Q&A session moderated by Jochen Reiker. The full interview is coming later this evening.