Day One

We had our first challenges today.  For some those were closed tunnels (due to Bora), for some there were uncooperative motorboats/trailers and for others, it was Bora (again) that was causing trouble when docking. Anyways, most of the teams gathered here on Murter, put the boats together and shared a nice evening whit the rest of the community. Jezera welcomed us with open hands. All the locals were here with the mayor on top. Traditional dance group with an average age of ten showed us the way of their grandparents. And a restaurant nearby grilled freaking awesome tuna stakes just for us. What else could you want on the first day? Some sunshine maybe? Oh, we had plenty of that. It feels just like summer here. So, all in all, it looks like this is going to be another great regatta with a perfect combination of small boats, big challenges and great people.