Class Rules

Preliminary Seascape27 class rules for Jabuka

  1. Hull, deck, rudders, keel, mast, boom, bowsprit and structure must be as originally supplied by Seascape
  2. Number of sails that the boat can carry on board is limited to 7
  3. One of the sails must be a storm jib as defined by OSR.
  4. Masthead code 0 (as per definition: flying masthead sail is a Code0 in case that the half width is less than 75 % or more of the foot length) is forbidden.
  5. If mainsail doesn’t have a 3rd reef you have to carry a trysail. Trysail is not counted in the 7 sails quota.
  6. Sail material and size is not limited.
  7. There is no handicap – first one home is the winner.
  8. Outside assistance is prohibited as per ISAF rule 41.
  9. Boats shall carry safety equipment as defined by NOR.