Challenge accepted

When was the last time you spent 15 or even 30 hours straight doing what you love without distractions, interruptions or breaks? When was the last time you enjoyed a wonderful day outdoors with your family member or best friend? When was the last time you saw the sun setting on the horizon and waited to see it rise again on the other side? When was the last time you took on something that you knew it is going to be unpleasant, tiring and hard just because you also knew that after a big low then comes a rocketing high? I know 73 people that can answer to all that with: “Yesterday!” They were fast enough to register in time, arranged their life so that they could travel to tiny village Jezera on island Murter, Croatia and sail 70 or 140 miles nonstop on small but fun sailboats. All that for a small bottle of delicious local olive oil. But they took home more than that. They took away a story of an experience that their grandchildren will roll their eyes to and moan “Not this again.”


Warm welcome from our partners in crime FreeSpirit, tourist board Jezera and municipality Tisno greeted us upon arrival. Jure, our dear meteo guru, booked the best weather possible just for us. What else could you wish for? Everything went according to plan, all 37 teams started on Friday morning and set sail towards Kornati national park. Just on the border with Talaščica national park, they turned back south and followed the course between the numerous islands. In the middle of the night, they were back to Murter. 10 then continued on the long route and returned just after noon on Saturday. Better sailing days are hardly imagined, the wind only lacked towards the end.


This has been an expedition for all, but some really went the further than they have ever before. Teams like Diavolina – Stefan and Jürgen the latter who had never sailed before. Teams like Taormina, a husband and wife, Matija and Katarina that have sailed with dinghies, but never on the open sea, on such a distance or in the night. A real veteran of long-distance sailing Jan (Kendama) has now done the Seascape Challenge with both his young kids. Last year with his son and this year with his 11 years old daughter Zala Julija. Another great marathon sailor Jochen (Löpt)  was unable to find a replacement for his son when they found out he cannot make it and he decided to sail alone. Everyone returned with big smiles. Ok, maybe Tobias and Hendrik (Jade Yachting) who were unable to finish due to the lack of a standing mast weren’t too happy. Joachim and Bertil on All Season weren’t pleased either when low winds and prevented them from finishing the race.  The brightest smiles were on the faces of the winners Jure and Luka that have won both short and the long route in the Seascape18 class. Emil and Igor  (Petit Amie) led the fleet almost the whole time and took home the win for Seascape27s. While no 24 decided to sail the long route, Dani and Jon (Gill) sailed first over the finish line of the short.


We made sure that everyone was well educated on what they are getting in to. A long list of safety equipment and accompanying boats kindly provided by Ultra Sailing and Segelwelt made sure that in case of trouble they wouldn’t be in too much of a danger. It provided us also with an opportunity to film the whole adventure so in a month or so you can expect a full documentary so that you will be able to pest your family and friends with it.


A full photo gallery follows in a day or so.


Thanks also to North Sails and Musto for the prizes.


Final results can be found here.


Challenge accepted!