Blown in the wind

The Silverrudder 2018. Yes or no? All the suspense. Checking the forecast. Looking out the window.  Nothing new. Only worse. More and more wind. 30? 35? Don’t dare to look at the gusts. Message after message. I am not coming. Sorry, I am going back. Shi*!


I say, screw that let’s go get something to eat, we will deal with that tomorrow. Those who are here (the hard bast**ds) follow. We find ourselves in our regular dinner place in Svendborg. Seascapers, ex-Seascapers, non-Seascapers.  Yes, there is a lot of talk about the weather, but people always talk about the weather, sailors or not. And then the whole thing changes. The room is warm, warm with feelings and otherwise. No one and I mean no one is complaining. Everyone is glad to be here and to meet old friends. Actually, most of them had a good sail today or in the days before. Some even arrived on the past weekend and enjoyed perfect danish late summer. Others sailed over from Germany. Some plan to go out tomorrow before the front comes. It is great to see the band together again.  Those who are here, came to have fun and nothing is going to ruin that. And that is what I appreciate the most. Take the moment you have and make something out of it, do not dwell on what might tomorrow bring or what were the pains of yesterday. Today we are here to be here.


And we have a cunning plan for tomorrow.