Before the race – the double one

Just before the race teams are finishing the last vital things that have to be done. Every honest sailor responds to a question “Are you ready?” with an “In sailing you are never truly ready”. That is probably even truer here on Vegvisir since most of the boats arrived today. Skippers briefing just reminded us how big of a challenge is ahead of the competitors. On a first look a straightforward route – sail up the channel, round two or three islands in whichever direction you like and sail back down the same channel. But when you look closer and find out that the channel is only a few boat lengths wide at points with the headwind predicted for that part you have only scratched the surface. What awaits you later are countless shallows – most of them marked, moving fish farms – most of them with lights, commercial traffic – occasionally, currents – most of them weak, oh and I should not forget the weather. The most pessimistic model shows gusts just over 27 knots. Easy-peasy right? Yes, I would agree if I wouldn’t be aware of a scumbag Murphy’s law. I have good reasons to believe that Murphy must have been a sailor. Where else could you possibly learn that if things can go wrong they will, and when they go wrong they will go wrong in the worst way possible? I must congratulate all the sailors for their calmness and determination because I sure am nervous and I think deep down they all are, they just don’t have the time to show it.


Live tracker is coming soon and will be posted here on this site. We will keep the live updates via twitter feed on the right of the news page. Stay tuned!