All you need to know

With a few days remaining before the start of the Silverrudder – world’s largest single-handed regatta, we have prepared a list questions you might be asking yourself right now. Of course, we added the answers you need to know before you get there too.


How to get there?

Below you can find the interactive map with all the main points marked. Use the icon in the top left corner to show the map key. We are going to set up headquarters in a Seascape tent beside the mooring area. So meet you there!




Due to the number of SILVERRUDDER boats participating in the world’s largest regatta, Svendborg Harbour will be closed for all other visiting boats from the 17th. – 23th. September. Non-SILVERRUDDER participants and kindly requested to moor in the “round” Svendborg Marina to the West of the harbor or Vindeby.

SILVERRUDDER participants may moor their boats free of charge from Saturday 15th. September until Sunday 30st. September. Participants wishing to park their boats before this date will be charged a SILVERRUDDER low rate harbour fee of DKr. 100 up to 12 meters / DKr. 130 over 12 meters per night. (Ask for Special SILVERRUDDER ticket at the harbour master’s office). After 1st. October the standard fee will apply and can be paid at the dispenser.

NB. Kindly park your boat in accordance with the HARBOUR PLAN and follow the instructions given by the SILVERRUDDER Harbour Service personnel.


Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub and SILVERRUDDER have contracted with mobile crane service KDC KRANER – look:

Participants arriving with boats on trailers can have their boats launched free of charge on the Nordre Kaj – see the HARBOUR PLAN.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays at the crane, all participants wishing to use the mobile crane service must follow the instructions given by the Harbour Service personnel. Participants must wait their turn and boats must be in all respects ready to launch when their turn comes.


Boats can be launched free of charge on Thursday 20th. September between 09:00 – 16.00. Participants can hire crane assistance outside this period for DKr. 750 by contacting on phone number +45 2568 6621 or via e-mail


SILVERRUDDER participants can have their boats hauled out free of charge on Sunday 23th.between 09:00 and 13:00. Participants can hire crane assistance outside this period for DKr. 750 by contacting KDC on phone number +45 2568 6621 or via e-mail


Boats able to launch at a slipway can do so free of charge from Wednesday 19th. in the morning until Sunday 23th. in the evening. See the HARBOUR PLAN for the location of the slipway.


SILVERRUDDER participants may park their boat trailers free of charge in the fenced off area from Monday 17th. September until Sunday 23th. September – See HARBOUR PLAN for trailer parking area.


Where to moor my boat?

Since there are 45 Seascapes coming this year we must arrange the mooring efficiently. We learned last year that computer models don’t work in this case. Just make sure you leave the port for the start soon enough that you don’t prevent other to do the same.

When do I start?

Seascape fleet is divided into two groups. Make sure you are not late, especially if you are on the outside of the raft, otherwise you may find your boat gently drifting around the harbour.

  • Start date Friday September. All times are local time.
    Countdowns for all starts will be transmitted on VHF channel 72. In case of discrepancy between the VHF information and the starting flags, the flags shall apply

    Start: Keelboats Mini (SSC18 & SSC24)

    10.10 – Warning signal: Display of pennant 1 + 1 sound
    10.11 – Preparatory signal: Display of signal flag P + 1 sound
    10.14 – One minute signal: Signal flag P is lowered + 1 long sound
    10.15 – Start: Pennant 1 is lowered + 1 sound

    Start: Keelboats Small 2 (SSC27)
    11.10 – Warning signal: Display of pennant 3 + 1 sound
    11.11 – Preparatory signal: Display of signal flag P + 1 sound
    11.14 – One minute signal: Signal flag P is lowered + 1 long signal
    11.15 – Start: Pennant 3 is lowered + 1 sound

More details here. 


What will get me disqualified?

Plenty of things, but this year organisers are especially keen on safety. Make sure you have all the mandatory safety equipment. Special focus will be on the navigation lights, which have to be visible on a 2 NM distance and you must be able to replace the batteries. If your lights go out in the middle of the race you have to abandon the race, so make sure that you have enough power. You should also wear the life vest and make sure that you are tethered to the safety line at all times.

It is the responsibility of the skipper that the boat is in a safe and seaworthy condition. For that you need:

  • Fixed statutory navigation lights!
  • Life jacket!
  • Safety harness!
  • Fixed safety line/jackstay along the deck for attachment of the safety harness!
  • VHF radio – handheld (incl. batteries for a realistic estimated sailing time) or stationary
  • 2 handheld flares, within expiry date (wheel marked according to Directive 2014/93/EU)
  • 2 distress rockets, within expiry date (wheel marked according to Directive 2014/93/EU)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Bucket or bailer
  • First aid kit
  • Powerful flashlight and/or head lamp
  • Knife
  • Suitable anchor with anchor chain/line ready for immediate use


What can I read in the anticipation of the race?

Must reads are:

  • Sailing instructions (which have been updated recently so read it again)
  • Silverrudder™ Challenge 2018 – Statutes
  • Preparation article from Andraž Mihelin (follows in the next days)
  • Mental preparation article by Jan Kobler (follows in the next days)
  • Preliminary weather brief by Jure Jerman (follows in the next days)