Afternoon to evening

Progress, progress, progress that was all the afternoon all about. Boats raced down from Kornati to Blitvenica and soon passed it. The leaders in the larger classes remain on their thrones, but not unchallenged. The (surprising) usurper for 27s is Hammerscape, Joachim and his wife, Jorid. Just as I was writing this, we received a message that the leading 24 pushed it too far and lost the mast. We sent out our Fast Interceptor rib to assist them. Gill is now taking over the lead, and Žverca is a few miles behind.

18s saw a lead change just before Blitvenica were Jure & Luka on Lenčina turned out to be the stars of downwind, but close on their heels are pretty much everyone. Blue Sardina, Pikica, Plan B, Kendama all packed. A bit further behind another group of seven boats formed and the fight continues for them also. Sun is slowly dropping into the horizon, so now the toughest part begins. Fatigue from the full day of fast sailing will start to set, at least brisk night air on the sunburned skin will be there to keep the crews alert.