Achtung Treibholz!

It is not just plain sailing this regatta stuff it could also be a scary and dangerous thing. We got a reminder a week ago when a GOT-winter is coming-style storm hit a race not far from here. There were some summer storms here as well. We had a few in the last days and they were not pleasant onshore so I can’t imagine how would it be if we were on a small sailboat out there in the night.

But here there is another thing that our sailors have to pay attention this time. Driftwood. Cold spring meant that the snow in the Alps started to melt late and the torrents are more snow slush than water. This thick runoff is wreaking havoc and taking all the surrounding bushes and trees downstream. It all ends up in the lake and piles up when the wind pushes it to a corner of a lake.

A week ago the Lindau Zech where we are at the moment was full of this debris. Club members and Water Management Office had quite a battle to reopen the marina. You can see below some of the driftwood they took out of the water. Video and photos were taken just behind the start line. I hope in front of the line there is just water, but the doubt is there.