A battle in the shadows

Soon after we saw our brave guys rebel and go round the course in an opposite direction than the rest, we lost their position on the tracker. They must have sailed out of the signal range of the trackers. We will probably see them reappear when they get closer to the shore again. Until then we can only imagine the battle raging between the well-matched crews on the Seascapes24s. Interesting enough this two teams are nicely matched both being in sailor/journalist tandems. On one hand, you have a local know-it-all, win-it-all Per Cederberg and his journalistic partner in crime Øyvind Bordal. Their local knowledge and experience pose a fearsome competition to the other team. You would think that Andraž Mihelin – the man behind the idea of all the Seascapes – would be a favourite without a second thought. He is paired with Jochen who sailed and tested everything there is to sail. But this is a first long distance regatta on a Seascape24 ever for both of them. They will have to use every trick they know to outsail the pearl-blue boat. Last points on the tracker showed that they are doing a great job and are right on the tail of the opponents. Can’t wait to see the distance between them when the signal comes back.

We also have a Seascape18 in the game. The smallest boat in the race. Martin H Olesen and Rune Aagaard are nowhere to be seen on the tracker. We last saw them at the Guldborg bridge. Hopefully, we will know more in the morning. Until then, here are some photos from the channel.