Round the Apple rock

[10:21, 11/10/2018] Ana Šutej: Currently 6.8 miles from Jabuka, and the spirits are up and about. A general rule of thumb – if Dejan is in a good mood everyone is in a good mood! We are currently on port tack, and we have a good angle towards Jabuka, so tactics discussions died out. There are 6 or more knots of wind, and we are doing 5 knots of boat speed. Much bigger boats are coming in our sight, and Lukas is especially happy about this, he smiles a lot. It feels good to be on board. And swiss ham and chocolate are just cherries on top.


[12:01, 11/10/2018] Ana Šutej: Still in front of Jabuka. We are gaining some progress in light wind and hanging out with big guys. The rock looks close, but we are not there yet. Most of us did a little 20min nap except Philipp on helm and Dejan relentlessly trimming.


[13:24, 11/10/2018] Ana Šutej: Finally around Jabuka. The mood got really serious, and Ora Blu managed to get away from us and go around Jabuka first. Change on the helm – Lukas is taking it, and his taking it very seriously, I don’t want to be in his way. Jure is trimming and simultaneously planning how to battle Ora Blu. The rock anyhow looks much better once you go around it.



Ora blue II – Rounded Jabuka @ 13:15

Escapade – Rounded Jabuka @ 13:24

Fram just –  Rounded Jabuka @ 14:15

Petite Amie – Rounded Jabuka @ 14:35

Julia – 3 miles to Jabuka

Porta Canopus – abandoned the race