The Seascape

The Philosophy behind the Seascape brand is simple: to create the best possible interface between human being and nature. The recipe to achieve that can be found in the books of Motessier or Bethwaite, but the one we most commonly reach for is from Antoine de Saint Exupery, more precisely his book Terre des Hommes.

But more than the products, Seascape are the owners, participants of the events, and pretty much everybody looking to push the comfort zone with their friends and family joining along for the journey. The founders of Seascape, Kristian Hajnšek and Andraž Mihelin learned this lessons in the best academy in the world – the French Classemini which is taking care of the sailors who every two years compete on 4300M long singlehanded race across Atlantic on 6.5m long offshore skiffs. They started Seascape with the goal to bring the simplicity and cameraderie experienced through two Mini Transat campaigns – 2005 and 2007 – to as many sailors as possible.

Antoine de Saint Exupery