Seascape boat

Sailboat, the next generation

Seascape 27 combines racing performance with cruising simplicity

Discover the joy of smooth sailing at double-digit speeds safely and in total control. The latest development from Seascape follows the same design ethos as her successful predecessor, the Seascape 18, combining the most diverse aspects of sailing without compromising any. Whether you are racing in close-quarters one-design regattas, cruising from bay to bay with your family or even venturing shorthanded to offshore routes, the Seascape 27 always delivers superior performance in a most user-friendly package.

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Jochen Rieker, Yacht Magazine



European Yacht of the year 2012: Nominated
Adriatic boat of the year 2013: Winner
Slovenian design project of the year: Winner
Sailing world – Best Crossover 2015: Winner
Sail Magazine Boat of the year 2015: Winner

Offshore racing in a one design class

Based on the exciting and extremely efficient boats of a Class Mini, Seascape27 has offshore racing DNA embedded in her cells. Insubmersibility, B category certificate and ergonomics that make Offshore racing fun and manageable even for recreational sailors. Being the only offshore capable One design that can be trailered on the road without special permits, she allows the owner to join exciting historical races from Norway to the Adriatic. Her crew can consist from single handers to five crew members.


Hall of fame

  • Twostar Race, Sweden
    2013 – 3rd ORC (Offshore 2), Winner overall ORC leg 2
  • Skagen Race, Sweden
    2014 – Winner shorthanded, 2nd overall
    2013 – Winner ORC
  • Jabuka Race, Croatia
    2014 – 7 boats
    Best result – 11th overall
    2013 – 4 boats
    Best result – 15th overall

Embrace the elements

Born from singlehanded offshore racing experience, Seascape 27 offers an excitement of high-performance single-handed sailing for recreational and experienced sailors, well within the boundaries of the safety zone.

A fascinating mini performance yacht.

Matthew Sheahan, Yachting World

Even though Seascape27 is an all-round Racer Cruiser, she has all the performance and safety features of contemporary offshore racers.

60cm high guard rails, adaptable Cutter rig with a removable staysail, insubmersibility volume, front and rear crash boxes, high stability, twin rudders, square top main without runners are helping you to stay in comfort zone mode up to the wind strength promised by her CE category B certificate.


AVS* 135.6°  STIX** 30.9

With her, almost unmatched adaptability Seascape27 provides sailing fun in lightest of breezes as well as in near gale conditions. Thanks to her impressive sail area to displacement ratio and powerful hull lines she serves as a perfect interface between her crew and the elements. All the controls are designed to be manageable in a strong breeze to keep sailing fun even for shorthanded or family crews.



*angle of vanishing stability
**stability index

Zwei meter Welle. Man denkt: Oh je! Aber das Boot schuettelt sich nur kurz.

Jochen Rieker, Yacht Magazine

Reinventing the interior

Seascape 27 features many innovative solutions, designed to provide the crew of four all the comfort needed without unnecessary weighty luxuries. The interior comprises of a front cabin/wet room, the living space with an integrated navigation station, removable gimbaling stove and a dedicated multi-purpose sail storage/head compartment space, which can be modified thanks to an ingenious door system.

You can choose among several interior models. The colours of mattress, bags, door and floor are combined to create pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Full access to shallow bays or remote world locations

One of the main features of Seascape 27 is how effortlessly her 600kg and 195 cm long deep swing keel with a 420kg lead bulb on the bottom swings under the hull, reducing draft to 95cm. Thanks to an integrated hydraulic system the operation is simple enough for everyday use when entering shallow harbours or bays.

Additionally, her 2.54m beam and low trailing weight allow for simple logistics on the road. Even more so, she can be packed into a 40’HC container and shipped to your favourite location together with her trailer.

From bluewater voyages to shallow turquoise bays

Once you picked your favourite destination and drove your Seascape27 to port, the real exploration begins. Due to her shallow draft with the keel up she can access every port or bay. And since she is a category B vessel, there are no unreachable islands.

Her cruising comfort is limited to functional solutions, but there is plenty of space for 4 family members or a small group of friends. The front cabin is an ideal place for a couple, and it can be closed with multifunctional doors. Two bags on the widest sides of the cabin will provide you with enough space for your personal belongings. The main salon with two beds will be perfect for friends or children. Additional bags in the salon will give you extra space, as well as the area underneath the cockpit suitable for larger luggage. During the day, the salon turns into a dining area with a table. Even better place to have some friends over is a cockpit/your terrace overlooking the sea!

Island Vis, Croatia

Croatian sailor Šime Stipanićev and his girlfriend exploring the Adriatic on Seascape 27. Minimum draft of 95 cm takes them to the most amazing places.

Baltic Sea, Germany

The voyages of Benjamin Pieirtz and his boat Norđri. More wonderful stories on Grow Sailing

Technical data 27

Length (LOA)7,99
Draft1,95 m / 0,95 m
Displacement in standard configuration1380 kg
Keel weight610 kg
Sail area48m²
Nautical designManuard YD
Product designGigodesign
Standard specificationStandard-specifications-27.pdf