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Vikings on holidays

Throughout the years Per has established a reputation as a man of action and scarce words, so we decided to shed more light on his background. It turns out there is a lot to it.

Per is a man of few words, but his deeds make up for it. Later he sold the 18 and bought the 24. As one of the first owners of the Seascape24, he picked it up straight from the yard. But he didn’t turn around to take it home; he had his whole family with him. They continued to drive south-west, crossing through Tuscany and caught a ferry over to Sardinia with their final destination the Maddalena archipelago.

“20 years ago, when I was sailing there as a professional skipper on large cruising sailboats, I said to myself I have to come back to do some more cruising on my own. At that time, long before anyone had thought about Seascape, it meant saving a lot of money, buying a big boat and taking a minimum of one year off to go cruising the Med. Big, and probably entirely unrealistic plans. But then Seascape came along! Virtually the whole world became accessible with this little trailer boat. If you can drive there, and there is water, you can probably cruise there too!”

Many of Seascape sailboats found their new home in Scandinavia and for most of them, the reason is because of people like Per.

“I started sailing as a kid around five years old. My uncle was sailing, and he convinced my father to buy a boat as well. I sailed dinghies as a teenager and got my first real boat when I was 18 years old and have always owned a boat since then. I met Kristian at a trade show, he showed me pictures of the Seascape18, and I thought this looks good! I was looking for a boat that I could sail with my then four-year-old son. It quickly struck me that the 18 was perfect. An easy, fast, fun and safe boat that just invited adventure. Coming from dinghy and hobby sailing, I had no desire to buy an old, heavy (slow) keelboat. The 18 gives you a sailing experience very close to a dinghy, without the risk of capsizing. The near zero draft makes it perfect to beach, and that’s something I always wanted to do.”

The whole family of five spent eight days living aboard. Out of those eight, they only took shelter in the marina twice. All other nights they chose to stay at anchor in the shallow bays with emerald water. When asked if his kids share his passion for sailing he answered:

“Honestly kids like sailing more because they like us being together. Together as you can only be on a sailboat. They like their father being in cruising mode.”

The Viking blood in Per’s veins also makes him lust for a battle now and then. That is why he takes his 24 on every regatta he deems a worthy challenge. The shorthanded sailing competition is strong in the Baltic and the North Sea, probably because of the great combination of inshore and semi-offshore waters and usually good wind conditions. Per is a record holder for the fastest Silverrudder in both Seascape18 and Seascape24 class. With the 24 he also won the mini division and was one of the fastest boats in general. He is a veteran of multiple Seascape Challenges and Jabuka races in the Adriatic. His love for Seascape also contributed to the fact that he is now a Seascape dealer in Denmark.


“The only question people ask me is the price, because everything else about the versatility of the boat is obvious. Sometimes I have to explain that these boats are not race boats. Some see Seascapes as extreme, which is very wrong of course. It is a family cruising boat, just a fast one. We see the paradigm shift. Cruising boats don’t have to be heavy, slow and boring, but should, of course, be fast, light and fun to sail. The ability to easily tow and launch plus the option of beaching makes the Seascape24 the best cruising keelboat on the market today. Add to that the shorthand race wave we see these years, and you have a concept where the 24 is a perfect answer to all your sailing dreams (as long as you don’t have a desire to stand up while sleeping).”

About the Seascape 24

Seascape24 the modern answer to the traditional “people’s boat” concept: trailerable, sleeps four crew members, inshore performance oriented, launched on the slip. We unleashed the performance traditionally locked by the length with a hull shape that allows fast planing even in light wind conditions.

Fully retractable swing keel makes slip launching as easy as it gets. A simple A-frame system allows you to step the mast without a crane. These features bring a whole new level of freedom to explore more remote places. Four large berths are the main feature of the 24’s interior. A smart system of sliding panels achieves the size. Her storage area is handled by the intelligent bag system borrowed from the Seascape27. There is of course room for a porta-potty and battery for the electric system.

Even though the 24 sails under the inshore certificate and has quite an impressive sail area, her simple deck layout and high hull stability allow single-handed or family crews to push her close to her full potential. She proved that by winning races from Tag und Nacht regatta on Zurich lake to largest single-handed race in the world; 140 miles long Silverrudder.


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Technical data

Length (LOA)7,29 m
Width2,50 m
Mainsail area (laminate)24 m2
Jib area (laminate) 16 m
Gennaker (nylon)63 m2
Draft (standard keel)2 m / 0,25 m
Draft (shallow keel)1,1 m / 0,3 m
Keel weight (standard keel)320 kg
Keel weight (shallow keel)430 kg
Weight fully rigged 960 kg
Mast height above the deck (carbon fibre)10,00 m
Boom (carbon fibre)350 cm
Bowsprit (carbon fibre)2,08 m
Hull/deck materialvacuum infused GRP
In-submersibility volume1,6 m3
CE design categoryC
Nautical designManuard YD
Product designGIGODESIGN
Concept and R&DSeascape Team
Air draft11,26 m
Height on trailer2,80 m - w/o mast 2,10 m
Length with trailer10 m - w/o mast 8,90 m
Standard and options specificationssc24_2018_standardoptionsspec