Seascape boat

Performance simplified

Seascape stands for simple, accessible, exhilarating fun

Experience the best sailing you’ve ever had or start building your sailing pedigree aboard one of Europe’s fastest growing sailing classes. The Seascape18 was born from singlehanded ocean racing experience and rethought to deliver the same sensations on a tame, accessible, easy to handle sailing boat. With almost 400 boats sold worldwide and the title of European Yacht of the Year 2010, Seascape18 is as versatile as it gets, successfully combining more aspects of sailing than any other boat of its size.

A performance package with unmatched practicality.

Phil Sharp, Winner Route du Rhum, Class40

Seascape18 delivers hi-tech racing-world solutions, but only in areas where fun or safety can be improved. Mast, boom, bowsprit and tiller tubes are in carbon fibre; sails are contemporary self-depowering square top shaped, made of laminate cloth. Combined with the Seascape One Design circuit, she ensures an accessible, exciting and fun platform for everyone, from family crews to Olympic sailors.

Polyvalent, easy to handle and robust.

Voiles et Voilers

Racing for all … all for racing.

With her powerful modern hull and ballasted keel, Seascape18 ensures a manageable, exciting and fun platform for everyone, from family crews to Olympic sailors. We were particularly glad to notice that many of the sailors of all levels are joining the circuit with their families or partners, which means that racing on Seascape18 became a part of regular family life.

Le tout est range aussi vite après la navigation. Plus c’est simple plus j’aime…

Roland Jourdain, Winner Route du Rhum, Champion du monde IMOCA

  • 6 official National championships
  • 30 events per year worldwide
  • singlehanded 134 miles race
  • National owners associations
  • relaxed friendly competition
  • family crews

With almost 400 boats and 6 official National championships, Seascape18 is one of the European fastest growing classes. Closely monitored production and quality control along with well-defined class rules allow crews to compete in a fair and no-excuse one-design race environment. Owners can join a whole range of events: from traditional fully crewed “round the cans” races to match racing or even navigational single-handed adventure races.

Safe gateway to sailing – stability, control, insubmersibility

Seascape18 can be considered as the safest dingy in the world – her robust wide hull provides you exceptional stability, supported by 125 kg of weight in the keel. With twin rudder system you will always be in control. Additional safety guarantee are insubmersable volumes located in the cabin and cockpit. A waterproof mast will make it even harder to capsize, and neoprene cabin cover is proved to keep your cabin dry.

The material structure of the boat guarantees extreme durability. With prototype 001 surviving a crash on the rocks during the storm with only surface damages we believe that you will be sailing your Seascape 18 for a long time.

Both a fun family toy and a thrilling sportsboat class.

Yachting World

Pick your adventure – life begins at the end of your comfort zone

A small boat that gives you countless possibilities was designed with an intention to take you further with every mile. Once you feel its stability and control, you will challenge yourself every day, expanding your comfort zone with every wind gust. With a wide stable hull, two rudders and insubmersable volumes, you are deeply in the safety zone, encouraged to find your adventure – a day sailing on your local lake, adventure cruising on Atlantic or adventure racing on the Mediterranean.

Always an easy rider – freedom of a truly trailable boat

Adaptability is her middle name. With Seascape18 you can access any beach or port, thanks to its lifting keel and rudders. Launched or recovered from the trailer in no time, its ultra light carbon fibre mast assembles effortlessly. Storage and maintenance are as simple as they get.

The boat can be transformed from transport to sailing mode in just 27 minutes.

Voiles et Voiliers

Get the front row- sail, enjoy, explore, repeat

Our thinking behind the cruising capability of a small sailboat was based on the premise that there are only two ways you can achieve comfort while sailing. Either to have a boat big enough to give you comfort comparable to your house, or to have a boat small enough to allow you access the shore at any place and anytime. Therefore Seascape18 features a minimum draft of 15 cm which means you can access the mooring just next to your table in an island restaurant or get into the cosiest part of any bay.

In this kind of sailing you meet as stranger and leave as friend.

Jochen Reiker, Yacht Magazine

Live aboard features of Seascape18 consist of a tent with V berth/cabin, beach/dining/entertainment area (big flat cockpit open to the sea) and a stable, seaworthy hull that gives you range to explore coastal archipelagos of your choosing safely. From Norwegian fjords to Breton tidal coastline or Adriatic national parks, Seascape18 proved to be the perfect exploration vessel for connecting with the environment.

Kornati, Croatia

The first Seascape journeys started in the magnificent Kornati archipelago. The Kornati adventure attracted passionate sailors from all over the Europe, including the editors of magazines Yacht, Voiles et Voiliers, and Baadnyt, writing about big voyages of a small boat. You can find the articles below, under Press clipping.

Atlantic coast, France

Atlantic like you’ve never seen before! Francois Coutant started with Raid Atlantique that runs along the Brittany coast of France –  the L’Odet river, beautiful îles des Glénans, picturesque île de Groix and City of Sails in Lorient.

Baltic Sea, Denmark

Island hopping in Baltic sea by Per Cederberg and his family of three children discovers the beauties of the North. Read more about their journeys here.

Technical data 18

Length (LOA)5,50 m
Beam2,37 m
Draft1,5 m / 0,15 m
Displacement500 kg
Sail area23 m²
Nautical designManuard YD
Standard specificationStandard-specifications-18.pdf