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Seascape18, a family member

Jure is our long-time friend and a dedicated Seascaper who has grown from a timid lake sailor to a true singlehanded and long distance veteran. This is his story.

He is one of those people for whom you get an instant and overwhelming feeling when you first meet them that this must be one hell of a great guy. Husband, father of two, a dog owner and a meteorologist at the National Environmental Agency with a passion for nature. He is an outdoor sports enthusiast. One of those sports is sailing.

“I started sailing with my brother on a kayak to which we added a sail and trapezes. Later I sailed 470, Flying Dutchman and catamarans all as self-learning amateur. Then came Soling. They took me on the team because I was big and strong, but I had a lot to learn. Our goal was the Olympic games in Barcelona. We didn’t make it, but as students, we still managed to sail a decent campaign. We sailed three European and two world championships, always finishing in the upper half. After I switched to catamaran sailing. I did quite well in that too, becoming the national champion twice in the A class.”

Sailing was put on hold for Jure when his kids came into the picture, and he attributes his comeback to the fact that Andraž and Kristian came to him in search of meteorological support for their Mini Transat campaigns before Seascape even existed. Once he was in, there was no way out.

“First time I tried the Seascape18 was when I rented the sailboat for the summer holidays with my family. We enjoyed it a lot, and by the end of the week, my wife started asking me about how much does it cost. That is how we got our very own 18 which we are sailing extensively to this day.”

Jure and his family are regarded as an embodiment of Seascape Spirit: family, pushing the limits and solidarity. They have done it all. Participated in Seascape regattas since they existed, achieved some excellent results consistently coming out on top. They have done all kinds of challenges, and when not competing, they often indulge in island-hopping cruises. Jure would not be Jure if in the middle of summer vacations did not rush out to sail the unusually strong Maestral, turn on the tracker and set a new all-time speed record for the Seascape18 (15,52 knots average speed over 500-metre distance).

“My son and I planned to push the record over 14 knots this year, and we were waiting for the perfect day to go as fast as possible. The boat is not as complicated as it might look, it is robust and stable. When we did the record, it was never scary or out of control. It was sheer fun, and it felt like the boat had grown a couple of metres in length. One time we took my son’s cousin for a speed run. We were screaming out of enjoyment while she was terrified and pale as a wall because she didn’t expect the small 18 to be so fast.”

Even though he is a tall, sporty guy and projects nothing but confidence, he had some reservations about his biggest challenge yet. His wife and experience from multiple Seascape Challenges (a doublehanded 70 or 140 NM long distance race in the Adriatic which he won twice with his son) persuaded him he should take on the Challenge of the sea – Silverrudder. He packed up his 18, hooked the trailer to the car and drove across Europe. Silverrudder is the largest single-handed long-distance sailing race in the world. 134 solo miles around the island Funen. Jure’s edition was painstakingly slow and took almost 50 hours to complete.

“Interesting how we quickly forget the bad stuff and remember the good. Silverrudder is an experience that takes you on a trip out of the comfort zone and makes you humble, enhances the good and muffles the bad vibrations. It changes you.”

About the Seascape18

Seascape18 with her powerful modern hull and ballasted keel ensures a manageable, exciting and fun platform for everyone, from family crews to Olympic sailors. We were particularly glad to notice that many sailors of all levels are joining the circuit and are spending their vacations cruising with their families or partners. For them, Seascape18 became a part of regular family life.

With more than 400 boats and 6 official National championships, Seascape18 is one of Europe’s fastest growing classes. Closely monitored production and quality control along with well-defined class rules allow crews to compete in a fair and no-excuse one-design race environment. As with any of our sailboats owners become a part of a large family of Seascapers and can join them on any of the numerous events, from a traditional fully crewed “round the cans” races, navigational single-handed adventure races, to family-friendly island-hopping cruises and raids.

Seascape18 can be considered as the safest dingy in the world – her robust wide hull provides exceptional stability, supported by the weight in the keel. With twin rudder system you are always in control, and as an additional safety guarantee, there are in-submersible volumes located in the cabin and cockpit. A waterproof mast will make it even harder to capsize, and neoprene cabin cover is proved to keep your cabin dry. All this are the reasons why our small boats can compete in the largest of races.

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Technical data 18

Length (LOA)5,50 m
Beam2,37 m
Main sail area14,5 m²
Jib area9,2 m²
Draft (standard keel) 1,5 m / 0,18 m
Draft (shallow keel)1,1 m / 0,3 m
Keel weight (standard keel) 125 kg
Keel weight (shallow keel)145 kg
Weight fully rigged567 kg
Mast height (above the deck)7,40 m
Boom (carbon fibre)3,00 m
Bowsprit (carbon fibre) 1,40 m
Hull/deck materialGRP
In-submersibility volume9,2 m3
CE design categoryC
Nautical designManuard YD
StylingEP Studio
Performance optimisationTomislav Bašič, Samuel Manuard, Francois Coutant
Concept and R&DSeascape Team
Air draft8,52 m
Height on trailer2,40 m - w/o mast 1,85 m
Length with trailer7,40 m - w/o mast 7,20 m
Standard and options specificationssc18_2018_standardoptionsspec