Seascape boat

Redefining family sport dinghy

First dinghy from Seascape

Seascape14 connects the modern sailing experience for single and doublehanded crews alike. While single handers and beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the standard Cat rig configuration, the 14 also comes with the full 3 sails setup, suitable for doublehanders and ambitious singlehanders. Full configuration can be scaled down to mainsail only while sailing: just roll the jib and move the daggerboard to the aft slot. Standard configuration can be simply retrofitted to full configuration – all attachment points are already built into the boat.

The 14 has a simple but vital mission: to bring sailing back on the list of potential sports activities for a modern man (or woman). We wanted to avoid classic categories of Race (mostly outdated and/or difficult to handle) or Multipurpose dinghies (not particularly fun to sail) and created her to be fun, simple, practical and most importantly easy to handle for recreational and family crews alike.

Andraž Mihelin, CEO

Modern, high stability hull

Hull shape is designed to offer a good balance between stability and performance in order to avoid a boat being too technical to get started. Thanks to a high quality boat building techniques, the boat is very light, which enabled us to design hull lines that are great for planning. Another specific behind the hull design is to have a good longitudinal stability, which helps us in two ways: to avoid nose diving especially in double handed (heavy) conditions, and to favour early planning.


Inverse bow is an optimized way of shaping the fore third of the boat. It helps in lowering drag and weight but has counter effect when using an anchor or accessing the boat moored with her bow to the dock. Neither of those are relevant for the SSC14 so we could design what is the best without any constraint.

Samuel Manuard Samuel Manuard SMYD, Nautical designer

Mobility 2.0

3D Vacuum infusion, sandwich con – struction and use of Vynilester resin was implemented in the building process to keep the hull weight under 70kg, while not compromising longevity and robust – ness of the Seascape 14. This allows her to be transported on the roof of most mid-range cars while the storage could be organised under the ceiling of the Ga – rage simplifying the logistics even further.

One boat sits all

Ergonomics was one of the key elements of the design process. Our team conducted design research amongst potential Seascape14 sailors varying in age, size and sex in order to come up with the most comfortable cockpit shape for hiking. Multiple sitting heights, widths, angles and end radiuses were blind-tested. The shape we ended up with is particularly optimised for recreational hiking style.



Technical data

Length (LOA)4,30 m
Beam1,70 m
Hull Weight67 kg
Main8,5 m²
Jib3,5 m²
Gennaker13 m²
DesignManuard YD, Gigodesign