Warnemünde – Race start

Today in German Opens in Warnemünde, the sun shined, the wind didn’t die out, and teams squeezed in a total number of 3 races. Let’s call it a good day.

Even though it started with less optimistic skipper’s briefing in the morning, followed by long coffee due to a postponed start, the day turned around. At the dinner table, everyone seemed pleased with sunny conditions with up to 11 knots of wind and the good work they did today. Put that next to the perspective of tomorrow being even less windy, but this time rainy rather than sunny. It might be a good thing they used today’s conditions in the best way possible.

Rankings are in and show a tight front pack, with Thomas Jungblut and Axel Solbach in the lead with a steady record of second places through all three races. So today second places took means first. Following are the teams who ranked first in one of the races, but not so good in others.

Dinner and beer came like the happy end of the lovely day here in the north of Germany. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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