Record March

The weather is starting to get warmer, and I believe I speak for all true sailors when I say that our minds increasingly drift to the sea glittering in the sun and the wind-filled sails. We all are impatiently waiting for that moment when the boat is finally serviced, put back in the water, sails are up, and you can enjoy it after this misery of a winter.

For some of the luckiest, the smiles on their faces will be even wider than usual because our production team was running red hot last month. They have been toiling away to deliver all the orders in time, and it looks like they will have to keep up the pace for some time. There were many records broken, but the most impressive was when they almost doubled the previous number of boats delivered in one week. In one week they finished, packed, put on a trailer/truck or in a container 17 sailboats (the previous record was 9). Most of them are going to France and US others to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Norway. The one going furthest is going all the way to Hawaii.

By models, there are now more than 50 14s, 460 18s, 130 24s, and 100 27s out there. We can’t wait to see them sailing.

Great job girls and guys!




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