The first practical steps

Our recent marriage between the Seahorse and our little red fish is bringing first practical steps.
The spirit.

Dear Seascapers,

what is Seascape? This is the question we were asking ourselves often in the last few months. Is it the boats that connect us to the sea and the wind? The people that we meet within its community? Or are Seascape the values for which the symbol of the energetic tropical fish stands for?
The community we are so proud to be part of grew around the idea of more authentic and direct sailing experience. This also shaped the values that were maybe best-represented trough 2017 Silverrudder race: Solidarity, Curiosity and Kindness. This is the elusive Seascape Spirit.

With this in mind, we are super excited to announce to you, that our Seascapes will from now on represent the base of one of the most iconic sailing brands – the Beneteau First. Together, with hopefully your help, we will be able to introduce our Seascape spirit to a much wider sailing audience.

We recognise that this news is coming with some strong emotions – trust us we went through them ourselves. At this point, we would like to ask you to trust us and help us to steer our ship in the right course as you did so well in the last 10 years. If you have any considerations, questions or think you need to share your thoughts with us, please don’t hesitate to send us an E-mail, FB message, WhatsApp group note or simply send a carrier pigeon.

See you at Silverrudder, Seascape Cup, Jabuka, Seascape Party.

Andraž, Kristian, Lidija and the Seascape team

Seascape CEO Andraž Mihelin, Seascape COO Lidija Zaletel, general manager of Beneteau Gianguido Girotti, Seascape CTO Kristian Hajnšek

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