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May this joyful Easter holiday bring the feel of hope that the snow is finally gone for good, that the lakes (and some seas) returned to their normal state of aggregation. May it bring the new beginnings, love and happiness and of course new adventures in this sailing season. So polish your rudders now it’s time.

Vid Slapničar
Media manager

How good products are born

Whenever designing new products, events or strategies, we always incorporate tools of design thinking. What are those you ask? Design thinking refers to designers process starting with in-depth research to resolve real issues that customers have, not just those which you think they have.

Sometimes the solution is just a phone call away.

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Signature events

Seascape Challenge will assemble the largest fleet of Seascapes ever. We expect some great sporting clashes, with the competition and/or with the elements. Follow our sailors live from 18th of April. On the other hand, the Bodensee Rundum still awaits first entries. The race around the lake with 400 other sailboats should be on your calendar. Later in the year, another huge event also has some free slots on the entry list. Seascape18 Open European Championship currently has 23 teams ready to win. So where will you join us?

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All about cruising

This season is also marked by the highest number of cruising expeditions to date. So if you want to take your family on vacations filled with activities, breathtaking scenery and company of other Seascapers, there is plenty to choose from. Free Spirit is organising three different holiday options: Freedive Sailing Week, Chasing Kornati Week, Seascape Hangout Week. Austrian class will explore the north Adriatic on Lagoon raid. German class will do the same on Danish south seas. Last but not least French cruising events will cover whole Brittany plus Belle Île island on three different occasions.

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