Spirit of Seascape ambasadors

It would be impossible to point out all the people from our Seascape community that inspire us every day in creating new ideas. Among our almost 500 owners, every person, every family creates their one of a kind Seascape story and at the same time we all share the same passion. Spirit of Seascape award was created spontaneously, with our first Seascape owners, people who inspired us and helped us creating an amazing community that we are now.
The first official Spirit of Seascape award went to Michael and Johanna in 2014, a young couple who sailed over 3000nm in Seascape on European rivers and seas. Last year the award went to the biggest and most active Seascape community, German SSC18 association. As we decided to widen our search, wishing to share as many Seascape stories as possible, this year’s choice was not an easy one. And it never should be, because there isn’t such thing as a too small boat or a too small story. All of us carry something unique and live our Seascape adventure in our, one of a kind way. In our search, we were trying to find the ones that grow together with Seascape, both as individuals and a community. Everyday people who you meet on the street that share the passion for sailing, learning, always going a bit further, expanding their horizons, using all benefits the boat has to offer, no matter what their sailing background is.

Jerman Family

Jure, Alenka and Urban, have been taking part in all kind of Seascape events, almost always joining as a family team. Slovenian Monocup sailing series are a part of their annual plan, as well as other Seascape signature events. Jure and Urban joined SeascapeChallenge in 2015 and 2016, both times winning the 67NM route in their Seascape18. Jure is also always happy to join crews on Seascape27, on events like Duecento, Cinquecento and Jabuka, and we are sure Urban will join the adventures in the future. Every year, the entire family moves to Adriatic for a summer vacation, always bringing their Seascape18 along, enjoying day sailing or exploring the beauty of nature and sailing. Apart from being very active in sailing, Jure is also a president of the Slovenian Seascape18 class and the person who is taking care of the weather updates for all our signature events.

Egmont Friedl

A man of many adventures, a father and a businessman, Egmont Friedl started his amazing adventure three years ago, starting from Trieste, following the coastline, all the way to Istanbul, singlehanded. The traveling itself and being a part of the nature were the motives that kept him going on his 2800nm journey. The Seascape18 was a perfect boat for his needs, simple for singlehanded sailing, comfortable for sleeping and living and, most important, easy access to any port, bay or beach. The great thing about this journey was that Egmont sailed whenever he could find the time, often bringing his children. Meanwhile, he still had to work and take care of his family, so his Seascape18 would just wait for him at the last stop, before the beginning of a new adventure.

Philipp Lenzlinger

As a new Seascape27 owner and a passionate sailor, Phillip bought a boat for lake sailing, daily family cruising and some local races. With our Seascape27 community growing rapidly, Philipp soon became one of the most active sailors on all kind of events, from local lake races progressing to more challenging ones all around Europe. He joined our first Seascape Challenge on 134NM route with his son, sailed Duecento and won Jabuka this year , and also did his first singlehanded race of 134NM, the Silverrudder. The entire Lenzlinger family is active in local lake races, while they love to spend their summer holidays exploring the Adriatic with their boat.

FreeSpirit Sailing Center

Barbara, Ivan and Marina are the smiling faces that will welcome you when you enter the FreeSpirit center. Seascape18 was the only obvious choice when it come to a boat they can relate their living philosophy to – a simple boat that gives all the fun and the excitement, and at the same time makes you enjoy every moment. People from all over the world are joining FreeSpirit sailing classes on Seascape18, and also exploring the beauties of Croatian archipelago on their sailing adventures. In a short time, FreeSpirt became a meeting point for all Seascapers, from our owners to all people who share the same passion of sailing and exploring.

Signia Cruises

Andres and Kjell decided it was time for their lifetime adventure, and instead of buying a 50 foot boat to sail all around the world, they chose the Seascape18 which will allow them to do all that! They spent the year traveling from Sweden to Adriatic, spending days, weeks or months on places they like along the way. Seascape18 is their dream boat, easy launching wherever they feel like it and the new adventure is on horizon. Sometimes joining challenging events like Bohus Race, other times enjoying relaxed summer sailing on Adriatic, making new friends wherever the turn up. It is all about enjoying the moment!
This year Europe, next year overseas, for Kjell and Anders and their Seascape18, there are no limits!

Thomas Nielsen

Thomas joined Seascape18 community this year, while looking for a boat for challenging Race2Alaska. Thomas chose Seascape18 for this 750nm race, which he did singlehanded in a very challenging environment. A small boat was everything he could ask for – safe shelter, seaworthy, great performance and trailable. Even though this was not the first big challenge for Thomas, it was a big one for Seascape18. But with the right spirit, the boat never disappoints.
Before Race2Alaska, Thomas met European Seascape18 community, coming to Croatia, joining the SeascapeChallenge, together with Jochen Denkena, having a great time on  a 134 nm route on Seascape18.

The Spirit of Seascape Spirit award was announced this weekend on our traditional Seascape Party in Ljubljana. Even though making a choice among all these wonderful people and their stories was a tough job for our jury, this years title went to wonderful family Jerman, a family that every Seascape can relate to, a family that lives the Seascape story, exploring, learning and having fun. Thank you for inspiring all of us!

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